Being Honest

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to being honest (precept number four) just lately. Thinking about the less obvious ways in which I am not always quite as transparent as I think.

Yesterday, when I was taking a picture for my daily photograph blog, I chose to post a self portrait taken from behind. It occurred to me that it was a good analogy for the things I like to hide from myself, but which are clearly visible to others. I’m very good at pretending the things I don’t want to see, don’t exist. How about you?


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Be Honest…

Precept number four says, “Be Honest in Your Dealings with Others”. This quotation from Walter Anderson reminds us that it is equally as important to be honest with ourselves.

"Our Lives..." - Walter Anderson

Never the easy option!


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Coming Home

One of the nicest parts of going away to visit people is the coming home at the end of the visit.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy every minute of being away, spending time with friends and family who I don’t get to be with very often, visiting new places, travelling down unfamiliar roads. In fact if I spend too much time at home I get to the point where I can’t wait to go journeying again.

So why is the home coming so special? One of the biggest reasons for me is the ability to get back into my early morning exercise and meditation routine. I always mean to carry on while I’m away – but somehow it rarely happens! And because I try very hard to be compassionate towards myself, I tell myself it doesn’t matter…. but it does. I really miss the discipline. So it really is good to get back home and be able to return to my daily routine.


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Happy New Year!

I’ve set the broad outlines for the year, now I’m working on the detail. The 5 precepts will be featuring prominently in my life and will underpin everything I do.

Happy New Year

Meantime, from North Yorkshire – I wish you all a Very Happy New Year!


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