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My name is Eunice Whitaker and I am a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher (Level lll).

I have led an interesting and varied life, starting out as an Art Student studying Calligraphy & Design, then working at a variety of jobs whilst following a range of Artistic and Spiritual studies and practices including Astrology and Tarot.

In 1981 I started studying and practicing various forms of Meditation followed in 1984 by an interest in Energy and Crystals which led to me doing a lot of Energy Meditations working both with and without Crystals. In 1987 I developed as a Spiritual Healer and regularly worked as a Healer at my local Spiritualist Church.

More recently in 2006 following the completion of a Degree in Digital Media, I set up in business teaching Craft and Creative Computing as a means of helping adults to develop an awareness of their creativity.

2012 has been a year of new beginnings. I started studying the Tarot, which led me to the Kabballah, which led me to Reiki, which led me to Shamanism. Studying these four apparently diverse subjects has opened my eyes to how much synchronicity there is between them. My study focus is currently on Reiki and it has become an integral part of my life.

I have recently completed my Masters qualification (24th/25th November 2012) which enables me to empower others in this wonderful way. I have been giving Reiki Treatments, both in person and through Distant Healing since completing my Level ll course with Irene Forsyth on 24th June 2012.