Being Honest

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to being honest (precept number four) just lately. Thinking about the less obvious ways in which I am not always quite as transparent as I think.

Yesterday, when I was taking a picture for my daily photograph blog, I chose to post a self portrait taken from behind. It occurred to me that it was a good analogy for the things I like to hide from myself, but which are clearly visible to others. I’m very good at pretending the things I don’t want to see, don’t exist. How about you?


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Be Honest…

Precept number four says, “Be Honest in Your Dealings with Others”. This quotation from Walter Anderson reminds us that it is equally as important to be honest with ourselves.

"Our Lives..." - Walter Anderson

Never the easy option!


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Coming Home

One of the nicest parts of going away to visit people is the coming home at the end of the visit.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy every minute of being away, spending time with friends and family who I don’t get to be with very often, visiting new places, travelling down unfamiliar roads. In fact if I spend too much time at home I get to the point where I can’t wait to go journeying again.

So why is the home coming so special? One of the biggest reasons for me is the ability to get back into my early morning exercise and meditation routine. I always mean to carry on while I’m away – but somehow it rarely happens! And because I try very hard to be compassionate towards myself, I tell myself it doesn’t matter…. but it does. I really miss the discipline. So it really is good to get back home and be able to return to my daily routine.


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“The more light…”

This Sunday’s quotation features the words of Shakti Gawain.

"The more light..." - Shakti Gawain

When I took this picture from my front room window this week I was reminded that light has many ways of manifesting into our lives – we just need to be aware, to practise mindfulness.


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Go Quietly …

This Sunday’s quotation comes from Baba Ram Dass.

"The quieter..."

When I took the photo in the quotation image, I was totally mesmerised by what looked to me like flames in the sky. Time stood still as I watched the cloud patterns changing until eventually the ‘flames’ disappeared from view. During that time of quiet watching, I became very aware of the energy of the sun and its interaction with all the elements around it. I became quiet and the universe spoke it’s wisdom to me.


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Slowing Down!

Slowing down would appear to be a strange thing to do right now. My head is spinning with all the different things I want to do and try, but instead of rushing in like I normally would, I’m going to step back and assess and meditate. Does that sound crazy to you? I don’t know how it sounds, but whenever I think about it my mind goes into panic mode thinking, ‘you can’t slow down, you’ll never get anything done!’

So I think the first thing I have to do is a brain dump! Have you ever done one of those? You take a lot of small pieces of paper and write down all the things in your head, one thing per piece of paper, then you start to categorise and organise the pieces of paper. One pile for urgent stuff, one pile for regular stuff, one pile for mini projects, one pile for big projects etc – you get the idea?

The next stage is to schedule and organise the piles. It might sound like an awful lot of work, but surprisingly it doesn’t usually take that long and I can guarantee that by the end of it you will have a clear head and a new sense of purpose.

So I’m off to give it a try!

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A New Journey!

Just over a week ago, at the end of over a month of home study, I attended a two day Masters Course of my lineage and gained my Masters/Teachers Certificate. It was an amazing weekend. My experience of the Reiki Energy is so much stronger now!

In a way it feels wrong to call myself a Reiki Master. Normally when you get to the end of a course of study you feel as though you have completed something. I’ve come a very long way since I set out on my journey into the world of Reiki, and my life has changed in a multitude of ways, but instead of feeling that I have reached the end of a journey I feel as though I am just at the beginning of one.

The Masters course has made me aware of how little I know, and unlike many conventional courses, to gain more knowledge I must practice and experience things. I can’t just read a book about it. So the learning will be a slow process! As I wrote that, I was reminded that living in mindfulness does slow things down.

I would love for you to travel with me on my new journey while I attempt to share some of the insights I gain along the way.


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Make Haste…

This Sunday’s quotation is attributed as a ‘Zen saying’.

Make Haste...

Zen sayings are notoriously obtuse – so what does this one mean?

I think we can learn a lot about the meaning of this saying by thinking about the life of the insect in the photograph. Insects are always busy, but they never rush. They each have their allotted tasks. Their lives follow the rhythm of nature.

Now I’m not suggesting that we become like insects, but if we try to live in mindfulness we will find it possible to get everything done without any of the stresses involved in racing against the clock. By living mindfully, each thing we do becomes our only focus for its duration making it totally possible to make haste slowly.


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This Sunday’s quotation comes from Mother Teresa.

"Yesterday is gone..."    ~ Mother Teresa ~

How many times have you said “I’ll just leave it till tomorrow? I know I say it far too often! Fretting over the past and worrying about the future are both distractions from life itself. We only get one stab at life – right now.

Let’s take note of Mother Teresa’s words:

“Let us begin!”


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The Secret…

The quotation this Sunday is from Buddha.

The Secret...   (Buddha)

If you look closely at the teachings of all the great spiritual leaders of the world, past and present, you will find that they all talk about the relationship between living in the present moment and health.

It’s not easy to do. It requires us to pay 100% attention to whatever we are doing at this precise moment in time. But when we achieve it even for a short while, we feel all our worries and fears drop away.

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