Reiki in Japan

Most of Mikao Usui’s students started out as his patients. As part of the treatment he would give them empowerments so that they were permanently connected to the energy source and could treat themselves until their next appointment with him.

His first manual contained the Precepts, Meditations and Waka poetry. His teachings were given one to one and were varied to each student’s need. The teachings comprised three levels: Life teachings, Mystery teachings, and Deep mystery teachings and focused on meditation, chanting sacred sounds and self-treatment.

In 1923 Usui was approached by the Japanese military and asked to teach them a simple hands-on healing system to supplement their shortage of medically trained officers. This changed the focus of his system from healing self to healing others. Usui together with one of his advanced students, Eguchi, devised the symbols we use today as a quick way for the officers to learn to use the energies, allowing them to achieve in a short space of time what had taken his former students months of meditation and chanting.

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