“The more light…”

This Sunday’s quotation features the words of Shakti Gawain.

"The more light..." - Shakti Gawain

When I took this picture from my front room window this week I was reminded that light has many ways of manifesting into our lives – we just need to be aware, to practise mindfulness.


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The wound…

This Sunday’s quote comes from the writings of Rumi.

"The wound..."

At first glance this quotation may seem quite incomprehensible, wounds are normally associated with pain and fear and darkness not light.

Lets take the physical analogy of an actual wound. A young child falls over when running and scrapes the skin on their knee. It hurts and they cry. Where is the light in that? The light comes when they realise that sometimes running too fast without due care and attention can cause pain.

Looking on a deeper level, when everything is going well in our lives we become self-contained and sometimes a little complacent. When trouble hits – something goes badly wrong – we may initially find it difficult to cope. But in most cases we do cope, we learn to deal with whatever life has thrown at us. It is when we look back on these times that we can see how much strength we have gained – how much we have grown. The light!

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