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The spoken word is a very powerful tool, something which is recognised by many spiritual traditions including Christian, Hindu, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism. Every word we speak out loud has an impact on the universe just as every thought we think has an impact on our personal world. In recognition of this, spiritual traditions have taken ‘Sacred Sounds’, combined them and made them into Mantras which have great impact when spoken or chanted.

As part of it’s Buddhist heritage, Mikao Usui taught the five precepts and a series Kotodamas or Mantras, all of which required the student to chant them repetitively in order to obtain the benefits. The precept meditation was chanted daily, morning and evening, and was thought to be one of the most powerful tools in assisting the student on their spiritual journey. The Kotodamas or Mantras were chanted to assist the student to contact the various levels of Reiki Energy.

During the last two Reiki Shares I have attended, in an attempt to get closer to Mikao Usui’s original practices, we have been learning and chanting the five precepts in Japanese. I found this video on YouTube of Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei teaching the pronunciation of the Japanese words.

These are the words in Japanese:

  Kyo Dake Wa Just for today
  I Ka Ru Na Let Go of Anger
  Shin Pai Suna Let Go of Worry
  Kansha Shite Be Grateful
  Gyoo Hage Me Be Honest in Your Dealings with Others
  Hito Ni Shinsetsui Ni Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others

We found it a very powerful and moving experience. Try it for yourself.


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Thinking about Thanksgiving later this month, I chose this Sunday’s quotation from Eric Hoffer.

"The hardest arithmetic..." ~ Eric Hoffer ~

Why is it that if we look back over any given day in our life, we can easily come up with a long list of grumbles and complaints, but find it so much more difficult to list the good things that have happened? Could it be that we just take the good things for granted?

Since I started practising Reiki I have been trying to be more aware of the good things in my life every day as part of my daily precept meditation. Although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in the Uk, I intend to make November a Thankful month and keep a daily tally of the things I am thankful for. Do you have any special plans for Thanksgiving?


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