Why All the Hard Work?

Reiki for me is as much about self-development as it is about healing others. I have always believed that you need to heal yourself before you can help others effectively. This is echoed very strongly by the Japanese Reiki training programme which originally focused almost exclusively on self healing.

I have been practising energy exercises and meditations virtually every day since the completion of my Reiki l course. During this time a number of changes have been taking place. I have become much calmer and more able to cope with difficult situations. The flow of Reiki energy during my treatment of others has got much stronger and more consistent.

Would this have happened without the exercises and meditations? Definitely not. I have been experiencing and experimenting with different kinds of energy on and off for the last thirty years. I learned a lot about the energies, but it never had any lasting effect on me or my life.

Is it worth the effort? For me the answer is a resounding, Yes!


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