Christmas Decorations

I love this time of year, reflecting on the Christmas story of the light coming into the world bringing love, hope and healing to all. This year my reflections have included all that I’ve learned since I started travelling on my Reiki path. It has made me realise just how closely linked the two pathways are.

The Christmas story tells how God loved the world so much that he sent his only son to bring heaven to earth. To experience this, a person needs to shift the focus from their material way of life and centre their being on loving, helping others, giving thanks to God for all things and allowing the Holy Spirit to assist them in the healing of themselves and others.

The Reiki story is about one man’s search for enlightenment. He discovered that to experience enlightenment it was necessary to focus your life away from material things, homing in on self knowledge, thankfulness, compassion and practices of energy exercises to allow healing to take place within and without each person.

I’d love to hear how your ‘Spiritual Story’ compares with these.


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