Reiki Meditation

In the Japanese Reiki tradition, meditation was the central practice, considered essential if anyone wanted to progress on the path to spiritual enlightenment. This continual meditation, which comprised the daily practice of mindfulness and a wide range of energy exercises, by balancing and clearing the student’s energy system made it possible for them to carry out self-healing and treatments on others.

Mikao Usui’s students were taught to meditate daily on the five precepts and it was believed that this meditation alone had a greater effect on the students spiritual development than any of the other traditional practices.

When Reiki travelled to the west with Mrs Takata the emphasis changed from spiritual enlightenment and self-treatment to treating others. The use of Formal Hand Positions together with the Reiki Symbols more or less replaced the meditation practices of the original tradition as a means to connect with the Reiki energy.

Today in Western Reiki, although there is a move back towards teaching the original meditations, the main emphasis is on receiving attunements, practising self-healing and using formal hand positions together with the Reiki symbols to treat others.


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In Person…

In person treatments generally take place in a room containing a massage style table. Many practitioners will close the curtains, burn candles and incense, and play soft music to create a soothing relaxed atmosphere for the client. This is not essential and in no way affects the effectiveness of the treatment.

Full Treatments usually last for about an hour, although the first time a client visits a practitioner may last a little longer as the practitioner will want to explain to the client what to expect and ask a few questions for their records.

The treatment itself will normally take place with the client laying on the table fully clothed. The main advantage to the client is one of comfort, as the treatment generally makes them feel very relaxed and they often fall asleep during the course of it.

There are many different styles of treatment, some practitioners will lay their hands actually on the clients body, while others will hover their hands just above the body, working in the auric field. Both forms of treatment are equally as effective. At no time will the practitioner touch the client in an inappropriate manner.

During the treatment the practitioner will channel the Reiki energy through their hands into the client. The client may feel heat flowing from the practitioners hands and be aware of the energy travelling through their body.

Reiki energy works with the body’s energy to balance and align. It takes the dis out of ease!

At the end of the treatment the practitioner will usually ask the client how they are feeling and what they remember of the experience during the treatment. Every persons experience of Reiki is individual, so that although there are many common responses, it is also quite possible for the clients experience to be unique.

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Reiki Treatments

What is a Reiki Treatment?

A Reiki treatment takes place when the practitioner becomes a channel for Reiki energy and channels the energy from the Universal Source into the client. Other names for Reiki energy are “Chi”, “Prana” and “Life Source”.

Reiki Treatments can be divided up into four main headings:

In Person Treatments
Distant Treatments
Animal Treatments
Self Treatments

I will be dealing with each topic separately over the next few posts, but here is a brief overview.

In Person Treatments can be given anywhere, with the client seated or laying down. Treatments take place with the client fully clothed. The practitioner will either place their hands on or just above the clients body. The main advantage to the client laying down is one of comfort. The treatment normally makes them feel very relaxed and they often fall asleep during the course of it.

Distant Treatments can be take place at any time and do not need the recipient to be actively receiving for them to work.

Animal Treatments can be given to any type of animal and are very similar to In Person Treatments.

Self Treatments are methods whereby those who have completed their Reiki l qualification can treat themselves.

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